Kay Petal’s Needle Felted Celebrity Wool Sculptures

    Kay Petal’s Needle Felted Celebrity Wool Sculptures

    Kay Petal is a sculptural needle felt artist from Alaska who specializes in soft-sculpted lifelike dolls with a focus on celebrity caricatures.
    Li'l Ellen and Friends
    Kay Petal discovered needle felting in 2007 when she was recovering from cancer. After surviving from a rare cancer Petal became keenly aware of the need to stop giving in to the mundane things in life and find that thing she is truly passionate about. When she purchased a book by a pioneer of needle felting, Birgitte Krag Hansen, she discovered what she really wanted to do.

    Kay Petal’s Felt Alive dolls are fully jointed, solid felted wool and require no sewing, no stuffing, no painting, no knitting or crocheting, no patterns and no wire armatures. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and has been getting accolades in the blogosphere.
    Lil Leno Needle Felted Wool
    Jay Leno

    kay-petal (1)
    Elton John
    kay-petal (3)
    Marilyn Monroe
    kay-petal (5)
    Johnny Cash
    kay-petal (6)
    Jackie Chan
    kay-petal (7)
    Mr. T
    Li'l Ellen and Friends
    Ellen DeGeneres
    Needle Felted Donald Trump
    Donald Trump
    kay-petal (14)
    Lyle Lovett
    kay-petal (15)
    Needle Felted Rock Stars
    Bruce Springsteen with Bono
    kay-petal (18)
    Sarah Palin
    kay-petal (19)
    kay-petal (20)
    Conan O'Brien
    kay-petal (21)

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