Weird Smoking Inventions of the Past

    What did people do when there were no computers, no Internet and no television? They invented stuff, of course. Let us look at some of these crazy smoking accessories invented, which thankfully never went into production.

    smoking inventions

    This is a ridiculously long cigarette holder. Possible uses are:

    • The lighter is with your friend who is sitting two rows ahead in the theater.
    • Cigarette smoke makes your wife’s eyes water. So let’s blow smoke into that guy in front.

    smoking inventions (1)

    This one is actually neat. The vertical cigarette holder is environment and neighbor friendly, releasing toxic smoke above our heads.

    smoking inventions (2)

    Smoke two packs at the same time, for die-hard nicotine addicts that want to die soon.

    smoking inventions (3)

    The lover’s cigarette holder. What can be more romantic than puffing smoke from the same pipe?

    smoking inventions (4)

    The all weather cigarette holder protects the flame during the rainy days.

    smoking inventions (5)

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