Cakes and Sweets that look like Fast Food

    Cake designer Debbie Goard bakes cakes and sweet treats that look like fast foods and other savoury snacks. Her company, Debbie does Cakes, is based in San Francisco with prices starting at $200 per cake. Debbie's latest range includes

    hot dogs, popcorn and toffee apples..

    cakes-as-fast-food (9)


    cakes-as-fast-food (1)


    cakes-as-fast-food (2)


    cakes-as-fast-food (8)

    crabs and shellfish

    cakes-as-fast-food (10)

    a McDonald burger

    cakes-as-fast-food (11)

    hog roast

    cakes-as-fast-food (3)

    spaghetti and meatballs

    cakes-as-fast-food (4)


    cakes-as-fast-food (5)

    eggs and bacon

    cakes-as-fast-food (6)

    and fruits.

    cakes-as-fast-food (7)

    cakes-as-fast-food (12)

    cakes-as-fast-food (13)

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